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Choose the right dress to cover up your weaknesses

Le 24 June 2014, 11:15 dans Humeurs 0

As a fat girl,choosing a right dress to cover up their weaknesses is their dream. How a fat girl would look nice when she is wearing an evening dress?According to the figure of different position,it can be divided into following categories:

Chubby chest

evening dress

When selecting a small evening dress,they should try to choose a low-cut neckline to emphasize the chest.If the chest is not too outstanding, you'd better selected a heart-shaped neckline and simple lines in order to reduce chest exaggerated.

Fat upper body

evening dress

When selecting the material you'd better choose a tough,color depth and calm design. Choosing a simple skirt and waist position,so as to see the proportion of body coordination.In short,when a fat girl choose a small evening dress,she had better try to choose a complex design and fancy design styles,all with a simple based.

In order to help the fat girls,we summarize the following points. Choosing a soft long veil, so you can cover the fleshy face;selecting thick and hard imported satin , so as to cover the lack of figure.

So much for this,if you have any other ideas about this topic,hope you can share it with me.

Casual cocktail dress

Le 17 June 2014, 10:28 dans Humeurs 0

Compared with a formal occasion,a casual cocktail party is more relaxed. People like feeling comfortable. That is why they prefer wearing casual cocktail dresses uk rather than formal dresses. If you are invited to attend this party,you can wear a casual dress. This article will give you some tips and examples of casual party dress code that you should pick then. Hope it can help you.

First:wearing t-shirt is not acceptable

Casual cocktail dress

You don't need to worry that you will go down and feel sweaty without t-shirt. There are still many tops made of comfy fabric as well.

Second:get rid of jeans from your list

The rule you should follow is getting rid of jeans from your list. You are allowed to wear pants but not jeans.

Third:choose auitable shoes

Casual cocktail dress

Speaking of shoes,you'd better not think that you are going to wear flip flops. If you are not comfortable with high heels, ballet flat shoes are really recommended. Or, you can also turn your head into wedges which are good for elegant look without hurting your feet to complete casual party dress code you pick.

Benefits of choosing blue evening dress

Le 6 June 2014, 10:57 dans Humeurs 0

Do you remember the blue evening dress worn by Kate Middleton? Kate's dress was a deep, luscious blue that came to the knee with long sleeves. The waist was cinched with a wrap detail with a slightly flared skirt and a v-shaped neckline. This is a truly remarkable way to wear blue cocktail dresses as all the individual elements are incredibly complementary.

In fact,blue evening dresses are not a particularly common choice for many women. This is an oversight on their part, as blue is a wonderful choice in all its variations. Now,let's talk about why we need a blue dress.

blue evening dress

The first benefit is that blue dresses manage to match both gold and silver tones when it comes to jewelry. This is a major positive as many times the wrong combination of evening dress and jewelry can look quite awkward but that is not a worry when it comes to choosing a blue dress, as it reflects equally well on both metals.

blue evening dress

Another benefit is that it is very rare that someone looks bad in a blue dress because there is a shade to suit every woman. Because blue is a color that is universally flattering.

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